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Universal Noval PCB and Ceramic Tube Socket Kit

Universal Noval PCB & Tube Socket Kit
Universal Noval PCB & Tube Socket Kit
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Product Description

The new Universal Noval tube socket and PCB kit allows use to any Noval (9-pin) tube and wire it up as you please. The board is small, 2 by 2 inch, that has been designed to hold a single tube socket and offers nine solder pads for connecting the tube's pins up to the rest of your circuit.

Many like to see tubes protrude from the chassis top panel, like missiles leaving their silos. These boards help make that possible. Each PCB comes with a ceramic tube socket and four sets of aluminum hex standoffs (0.75in or 0.5in) and rubber O-rings and screws. The PCB materiel is made in the USA and thick (0.93in) and tough, heavy 2 oz copper traces, so there is no chance that it will bend, as the tube is pulled from or pushed into its socket.

Kits include PCB, eight rubber O-rings, eight screws, one ceramic noval tube socket, one Heyco black-plastic 1.5 inch hole snap bushing, which converts raw-edged holes to smooth, neat holes.